Trump Orders Secret Service to Train ‘Bikers for Trump’ Members as Security for First Family

A protester, center, wearing a shirt with the likeness of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., talks to a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a rally for Trump, Thursday, April 21, 2016, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, Pa. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

By Randall McMurphy

Altamont Springs FL – In an unprecedented and controversial move, Donald Trump has demanded that the U.S. Secret Service train members of the organization known as ‘Bikers for Trump’ and include them in providing security for the first family.

Based out of Altamonte Springs Florida, Bikers for Trump is a volunteer organization made up of American motorcycle enthusiasts who shared a desire to elect Donald Trump. The organization made national headlines during the campaign as it volunteered to provide security at Trump events, often clashing with protesters. Now it seems their dedication and support during the campaign are not going unnoticed by the Donald. The President-Elect is giving back to the organization by making them an official part of the Presidential Security detail responsible for protecting the lives of the President and his family.

In an exclusive interview with, newly appointed Chief of the Presidential Secret Service detail Barry Bledsoe stated, “In an effort to better handle citizen uprisings and protests such as the current DAPL crisis at Standing Rock and post campaign riots, hundreds of members of the pro-Trump biker club will soon be trained in riot suppression and crowd control techniques. Mr. Trump has several ex-wives and children from several previous marriages that we have a duty to protect. His administration’s security needs will be greater than any previous administration in U.S. history. This will be a great help in easing the increased expense and logistics we’ve encountered due to this situation.”

Some members of the club have already encountered hiring issues due to their inability to pass criminal background checks. Many due to multiple violent felony convictions. When asked if he had any reservations about hiring men who have served time in state and federal prison, Trump replied, “I don’t want the sissies. I want the guys with a good resume. I want the guys with a history of violence to protect my family. These guys who know how to get things done. These are the guys. They’ve proven themselves. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.”

In addition to convicted felons, many prospective members of the new presidential security force are also veterans of foreign wars. They say they are anxious to return to service in order to protect the new incoming Commander in Chief from left wing extremists and radical progressive organizations such as Black Lives Matter and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In a recent interview outside of their clubhouse in Altamont Springs Florida, President of Bikers for Trump and club spokesman Chris Cox said, “Many of our brothers have already fought and died to protect our freedoms. We’ve proven we’re ready to lay it all on the line for freedom. Like the freedom to throw all these anchor babies back across the border, and the freedom to register these backwards-ass Muslims to make sure they aren’t planning on blowing up a plane or some shit. We’ve got to keep an eye on these bastards. We’ve got to throw all these border jumpers back into Mexico and build a wall so they can’t get back in. Trump knows that. That’s why we love him. That’s why we’re ready and willing to lay down our lives and die for him.” A balding, heavyset man known as ‘Biggins’ then added, “Trump kicks ass. So do we. No one will mess with him or his family with me and my brothers guarding them. I just hope they let me keep an eye on one of those daughters he’s got.”

Opposition came from both sides of the aisle as news of Trump’s new security plan broke in Washington. U.S. Senator (D-Ca) Barbara Boxer called the planned White House security additions “a threat to national security.” Senator (R- Az) John McCain referred to the plans as “ludicrous.” While Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt) simply rolled his eyes, threw his hands in the air and muttered something about the downfall of modern civilization.


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