Quickest Way of Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt

Many of you have credit card debts that you would like to pay off at the earliest possible. In fact, at present over 45 percent of Americans are having a credit card balance. Millions of Americans who are in their late 30s or even late 20s would be overwhelmed by credit card debt if they do not take control over the situation now. If you are getting worked up and you are under tremendous stress because of your ever-mounting debts, follow the strategies offered by experts so that you could get rid of credit card debts quickly and surely.

Identify the Highest Interest Credit Card and Pay It off First

Whenever you have some extra cash, you could pay off the highest interest rate credit card simultaneously with payment of the minimums on your other remaining credit cards. Once you have successfully paid off the highest interest rate credit card, you could divert your extra funds toward paying your next highest rate credit card and go on making the minimum amounts on your remaining cards. Every time you are able to pay off a card, remember you would enjoy some extra funds every month that could be invested into the payment of minimums on all your remaining cards. Paying off your highest interest rate credit card would surely be the quickest and most effective way of eliminating credit card debt and cutting down monthly interest fees.

Stop Using Your Credit Cards

The fastest and surely the easiest way of eliminating credit card debt is simply by completely stopping the use of your credit cards. Make a plan and decide to make all payments in cash. This would automatically make you spend much less. Research and studies have proved that when customers are using their credit cards they would not mind paying twice the amount for any item as compared to paying in cash. If you do not stop using your credit card while making an effort to pay off all your credit card debt then you are sabotaging your own endeavors. Browse the Internet for some expert debt settlement reviews for effective debt solutions.

The Point Is to Be Systematic & Organized

You must consider making a spreadsheet with accurate details about all the credit cards you are using, the exact debt amount on each card, specific interest rates etc. You must calculate the total debt amount and accordingly craft an effective plan to eliminate all your credit card debts. You must be organized and you should have a sound knowledge and understanding of your financial status and obligations. You obviously cannot solve an issue if you do not know what the issue is about.

Ask for a Lower Interest Rate

You may consider contacting your credit card companies and requesting relatively lower interest rates. Lower rates would be implying lower monthly payments, as well as, reduced fees. If your credit score is impressive or a competitive credit card company has offered a better rate and a good deal, make it a point to discuss this with your card company’s customer service reps.


Consider making a couple of minimum payments per month as that could be an effective way of becoming debt-free forever. Opt for a balance transfer if you wish to get rid of any high-interest rate credit card. You may additionally, be eligible for a zero percent promo rate that would be providing you with more time to pay off your credit card balance. It would serve your purpose to opt for debt consolidation. Keep all the above-discussed strategies in mind always.

Author Bio: David Randall is a debt consultant attached to a private firm in Los Angeles. His blog posts are interesting and informative. He recommends reading debt consolidation reviews online.


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