Quentin Tarantino Stirs the Racial Pot with New Casting Decision


Los Angeles, CA – Quentin Tarantino has come under fire recently for his casting choice in the upcoming biopic based on the critically acclaimed directors own life. It may seem unorthodox for a director to make a film about himself but it’s par for the course for a man like Tarantino who often casts himself in prominent roles in his own movies. But the decision to make a movie based on himself is not what has upset critics. It is his decision to cast himself as a black man that has drawn the ire of many.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” said Tarantino. “I just feel that the only way an actor can accurately portray me in this role, is if he’s black.”

But others do think the decision is a “big deal”. Spike Lee who has been openly critical of Tarantino’s films, especially his prolific use of the N-word, had this to say, “Dude, you gotta be [expletive deleted] me.”

Lee has criticized Tarantino for such films as Jackie Brown and Django and has categorized them as “Blaxploitation Films”

Samuel L Jackson, a frequent collaborator with Tarantino defended the casting choice. “There ain’t nothing wrong with Quentin wanting a black man for this role,” said Jackson. “So just because he’s a white man, a black man can’t play him? What a black man isn’t capable? Is that it? Now, THAT is racist.”

Tarantino has yet to make a final decision on who will play him but Jamie Foxx, Chris Tucker, and Phil Lamarr have all read lines for the part. Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight will be out in theaters on January 8, 2016 and stars Kurt Russell, Samuel L Jackson, and Tim Roth.

  1. Trent 2 years ago

    God he’s such a freaking creep. He’s really went downhill since Kill Bill.

    • Azim 2 years ago

      Inglorious Basterds and Django were awesome movies.

  2. Patrick Lynch 2 years ago

    People like Tarantino have egos larger than the Hindenberg, and they are pathetically just so full of themselves…never saw a Tarantino film, never will, and am proud if it.

    • chariotdrvr14 2 years ago

      Then who are you to judge?

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