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Over a learning course the student will be required to develop writing skills that better help them to express themselves academically and professionally. One of the ways that students are going to develop their critical thinking skills, is through writing essays. In some case it is possible to use pre-written examples on a similar topic, students may find these samples on sites like Persuasive essays are some of the types of essays students are required to write at one time or the other in their class assignment, whether at the high school level or college level. There are a number of topics a student may choose to discuss, depending on the prompts of the essay. One of the essays a student will be required to write in the course of learning is a persuasive. This is an essay where a student is supposed to choose a position on a given topic and convince the audience why it is they chose the same. This is to mean the student takes a stand and builds the strongest argument to win over the reader. As such, the essay is designed in such a way that the writer’s main theme is to convince the readers why they need to accept a given point of view. Before embarking on writing a persuasive essay, it is crucial for the student to have a good understanding of the subject they want to discuss which requires a lot of research and awareness of the writer’s biases and clear understanding of the two sides of the debate. Ideally, the writer is supposed to show why it is they have chosen to support one side of the debate. However, they are also supposed to show why the other side of the debate is also incorrect and why it is they did not support it. This is a common skill of writing that is common in most of the blogs, advertising, political speeches and columns among others. The writer will in this case have, for example, a certain stand politically, if they are writing about it, will show the audience the importance of their stand and why any other stand that opposes the same is not correct.

Choosing a persuasive essay topic

The bottom line of developing a persuasive topic is that they are supposed to prompt a debate about the topic in question. If the topic is political, it should be framed in such a way that the reader will immediately try to form their own opinion or answer. There are quite a number of possible essay topics, the following are some of the possible examples that would be fitting for an essay that is persuasive.

  1. Should students be allowed to carry cell phones to class?
  2. Should students wear uniforms?
  3. Should college be paid for playing football?
  4. Should students be required to at least one foreign language?
  5. Should marijuana be legalized?
  6. Should the voting age be lowered to thirteen?
  7. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to take jobs in the country?
  8. Should it be illegal not to wear a seatbelt?
  9. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to have a driver’s license?
  10. Should children be protected from playing violent games?
  11. Should children be protected from watching violent content online?
  12. Should boys and girls take their studies in separate classes?
  13. Should schools offer children a chance to eat fast foods if they chose to?
  14. Should schools have a silent time for silent prayers?
  15. Should all cities offer free Wi-Fi?
  16. Should school dis allow the use of curse words in school plays?
  17. Should students be allowed to use headphones in the library?
  18. Should stiffer taxes be imposed on fast foods?
  19. Should people allowed to keep exotic animals such as tigers in their homes?
  20. Should prostitution be allowed and regulated by government?

Structure of a persuasive essay

The structure of a persuasive essay is rather straightforward, as it follows a simple format. Ideally, a persuasive essay starts with an introduction, a thesis statement at the end of the introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion at the end.

Writing an introduction, the student should be keen to introduce the argument. This should also be crafted in a manner that attracts the attention of the readers. At the same time, the writer should ensure they give enough background information. This means the writer may include some brief information about the ideas to be discussed in the body of the essay. This means, the readers should have a vivid idea about what is to be discussed in the paper and the stand the writer has taken.

Example of a structure


  • Thesis statement: Guns should not be allowed onto the school compound

Body paragraphs

  • Gun rights
  • Mass shootings in school
  • Dangers to the students
  • The risks of guns in the classrooms


Thesis Statement of a Persuasive Essay

The thesis statement is the backbone of the entire argument. It is in the thesis statement that the reader is supposed to make sure they clearly state the stand they will take in the discussion enveloped in the paper. The basic premises of the statement should be with reference to answering the what and how questions. This is in reference to what is being debated and how it is being debated.

Body Paragraphs of a Persuasive Essay

The body paragraphs are designed in such a way that they give the two aspects of the argument. The first paragraph should mention the reasons as to why the writer supports a certain stand. In the last paragraph, the writer then mentions why it is this stand is refuted. This could be with reference to other sources and writers in the past. Between the paragraphs and the ideas, the writer should make sure to use transition words and phrases. This ensures coherence between the different pieces of information that are presented in the essay.

Conclusion Writing

The conclusion restates the thesis statement, as a way to reestablish the argument in the persuasive essay. This is the part that draws together all the strings of the paper and highlight the basics of the argument. The most important aspect of the conclusion is to bring a fresh insight.


After the writer is done writing their persuasive essay, they should take time to read through and make all the necessary corrections. They can make it with parents, friends or use paid essay writing services to deal with this task. This ensures the persuasive essay meets the standards of an academic paper.


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