NBA Cancels 2017 All-Star Game In Charlotte Over Anti-LGBT Law HB2

Adam Silver and the NBA cancel the 2017 All-Star game in Charlotte, North Carolina over anti-LGBT law

Charlotte, NC — NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference today, announcing that Charlotte, North Carolina will no longer be hosting the 2017 All-Star game due to the state’s recent passing of the anti-LGBT law HB2.

“With this new law in place, Charlotte currently does not have any anti-discrimination protection in place, something that would be vital for a large event such as the All-Star Game,” Silver told reporters. “We are giving the state of North Carolina 30 days to repeal this law or they can expect the 2017 All-Star game to be held elsewhere. I want to make it clear that the NBA will not stand for this type of intolerance and hate.”

Silver’s comments come just weeks after the North Carolina legislature passed HB2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which requires transgender people (and everyone else) to use public restrooms according to the biological sex on their birth certificate. The new law also strips North Carolina workers of the ability to sue under a state anti-discrimination law, a right that has been upheld in court since 1985.

“If you were fired because of your race, fired because of your gender, fired because of your religion,” said Allan Freyer, head of the Workers’ Rights Project at the North Carolina Justice Center in Raleigh, “You no longer have a basic remedy.”

Since Governor Pat McCrory signed HB2 into law last month, well over 1,000 jobs have been moved out of state, and over 100 companies, including Facebook, Apple and Stop Pack, have expressed concern or anger, warning they may move or cancel plans to expand, costing the state millions of dollars. In addition to that, by not hosting the 2017 NBA All-Star game, the state stands to lose even more. It is uncertain the exact figure, but in 2014, the All-Star game in New Orleans generated $106.1 Million and in 2015, New York generated approximately $195 million in economic activity.

On Sunday, Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert in Greensboro because of North Carolina’s controversial new LGBT bill stating, “With deepest apologies to our dedicated fans in Greensboro, we have canceled our show scheduled for Sunday, April 10th. Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.”

North Carolina has become a fierce battleground for culture war issues. Since the GOP captured the legislature in 2010 and the governorship in 2012, there’s been a steady stream of conservative changes, from much stricter voter laws to looser gun laws to overhauling taxes. The legislature even considered a proposal to establish Christianity as the official state religion.

Marina Mangiaracina, a transgendered journalist for SB Nation, does not agree with the new law.

“First of all, no one carries around their birth certificate. How is a cop going to check what gender a person has on that document? Second of all, the policy of refusing to change the gender on your birth certificate until you have sex reassignment surgery is dangerous. Not all trans people need, want, or can afford sexual reassignment surgery. It’s an extremely delicate and risky procedure that costs anywhere from $7,000 to $50,000. Not to mention all of the missed work in the weeks of recovery. Forcing, or even encouraging transgendered people to have that surgery is sickening. If the person wants the surgery, that’s one thing. But not everybody can afford that surgery. It simply discriminates against the poor.”

Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward, a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate with brand new socks, told ABC News that the new law needs to be repealed.

“What a ridiculous law that makes absolutely no sense,” Bradley said. “According to this law, a transgender man, a person with a vagina but has male features, such as a beard, now has to go into the women’s bathroom. Then the police get called. How exactly do they verify what’s going on there? Does the transgender man have to drop his pants or is that person required to be carrying their birth certificate at all times? And according to the idiots behind this law, it’s about stopping sexual predators. How? Is it really that hard for a man to put on a wig and a Hillary suit and go into the women’s restroom? No. This law is about bigotry, hate, intolerance and taking away human rights from the LGBT community.”

Paul Horner, owner of the Phoenix Suns, told CBS News he approves of the NBA’s decision but believes more should be done.

“I applaud the NBA in taking a stand against this type of discrimination and pulling the All-Star game from Charlotte. Furthermore, I believe it’s time for Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan to take a stand against this law and move the team out of that backwards state.”

At this time, unless the North Carolina legislature repeals HB2, it is unclear where the 2017 All-Star game will be held.

  1. Tim Parkos 1 year ago

    Great work NBA!!!

  2. Donald Snyder 1 year ago

    This is just going to make more faggots

  3. Lily Perkins 1 year ago

    This is a huge win for the LGBT community!!!

  4. kristine weibel 1 year ago

    Thank you Charles Barkley and all of us who petitioned.

  5. Gary Johnson 1 year ago

    It’s funny how they think all MTF transexuals want to molest little boys, so their solution is to make sure they have to share the same bathroom with those little boys. Way to go North Carolina!

  6. J Will 1 year ago

    I am confused…

    The headline and first paragraph say that the NBA “CANCELED” the all start game in NC
    Then reading the article it says that NC has 30 days to REPEAL the law or the NBA will cancel the game

    Which is it??

  7. Chuck 1 year ago

    Charlotte was trying to do the right thing by passing an anti-discrimnation law. Then the NC GOP stepped in. This really sucks for Charlotte considering they were the ones trying to make progressive steps for their citizens. Also, why didn’t the Suns move out of Arizona because of their backwards laws?

  8. Claude 1 year ago

    God will get perverts. HB2 stays

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