Mall Sues Christmas Lighting Company For Obscene Penis Light Display

Obscene Christmas light display

DeQuincy, LA — A Holiday Lighting Company is under fire after their Christmas light display became X-rated, scarring shoppers and making mall owners furious.

DeQuincy Mills Mall in DeQuincy, Louisiana claims their holiday lighting display was defaced with vulgar language and obscene images by a holiday lighting company they hired to decorate the mall. DeQuincy Mills Mall, says they hired Horner Holiday Lighting Company to decorate the mall for the upcoming holiday season. They say when the job was done and the bill was paid, that is when the graphic scenery was found.

“Customers came running up to us almost in tears,” Tom Downey, manager for the mall told CBS News. “They were confused and some of the children were crying after what they had seen. In 36 years of running malls and department stores, I have never witnessed anything like this. That company should be ashamed of themselves.”

Horner Holiday Lighting Company, who are listed in the Better Business Bureau with a D- rating, says the whole ordeal was an attempt at humor done by one employee who has since been terminated.

“I gotta tell you, we just feel horrible about all of this. There’s a time and a place for a penis decoration to be funny and this was not one of them,” said Paul Horner, president and owner of the company. “I can tell you what though, this was the result of one person, a real bad apple, an employee that has since been fired. We sincerely apologize to anyone that was affected by all of this. If you call our company to do your Christmas lighting, we now have a strict no-penis guarantee in place, well, unless that’s what you’re looking for of course. Anyway, I hope that puts everyone’s mind at ease.”

DeQuincy police detective James Ellis told local news station KPLC 7 that criminal charges could be filed against Horner Holiday Lighting Company.

“At this time, we are treating this incident as a hate crime,” Ellis said. “As we all know, there is a war on Christmas. And we have reason to believe that this company knowingly employed a God-hating atheist, and of course, he is the one responsible for the obscene lighting display. Also it is important to note, this is not the first time Horner Holiday Lighting Company has had a complaint against them for including a phallus in their Christmas lighting displays; this is the eighth time. Anyhow, that is all I can say on this matter at this time since it is an ongoing investigation.”

Phil Freedom, president and founder of Fappy Feet, a non-profit organization that collects donated socks for the homeless, told CBS News that the penis-lighting-display prank has ruined Christmas.

“Our organization relies on foot traffic so we can collect as many donated socks as possible,” Freedom said. “And now because of someone’s sick idea of a joke, we’re going to be short on our goal of getting socks for the homeless. There’s going to be a lot of cold feet out there because of this penis light show idiot. Anyway, I encourage the public to do what they can and donate directly at our location or online. Thank you!”

The lights have since been pulled and it is currently unknown what will become of the annual Christmas light display at the DeQuincy mall. The lawsuit against the lighting company was filed at the Justice Courts in Dequincy, Louisiana on Sunday. The amount of the lawsuit is unknown.

Pictures Taken By Mall Employees Before The Lights Were Taken Down – WARNING – EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Obscene Christmas lights display

An erect penis can be seen in this Christmas light display, which appeared in front of the Burlington Coat Factory. Employees claim the penis appeared to be shooting semen from its tip.

Christmas lights

A Christmas scene with what appears to be an angel giving Santa Claus fellatio.

obscene Christmas lights in DeQuincy

A palm tree with red lighting can be seen in this image, decorated in the shape of a penis ejaculating semen, which is not actual semen, just Christmas lights.

DeQuincy Christmas lights

Two reindeers positioned in a sexual way were found right outside the food court.

DeQuincy Christmas lights

A row of lights with what appears to be two balls, green hair and a large erect penis.

Christmas lights in DeQuincy

Holiday lights which make out the words “I hate my job” appeared in front of the Starbucks by entry number 4.

DeQuincy Christmas lights

This was a sign next to a pile of lights left near entry number 1 of the mall.

  1. Sarah Larson 2 years ago

    That employee should be ashamed of himself!! I’m glad they fired him!

  2. Bill Watterson 2 years ago

    This is the definition of the war on Christmas!

  3. Nancy Macy 2 years ago

    The owner sounds like an incompetent fool! If they did that to our house, my husband would make sure they had a lot more than just a lawsuit to deal with and I’m talking about a beating for sure!

  4. John Galt 2 years ago

    I had to chuckle anyways

  5. Kitkat425 2 years ago

    This story did make me chuckle and the way its written, puns everywhere! Tears rollings! I dont think its a war on christmas. Smh. A mad employee with a crazy sense of humpr more like it. “Made kids cry” what? No kid is going to get this. What little a kid did make of it would just be laughing!

  6. Rudi Stade 2 years ago

    If that was all it takes to traumatise me I would jump off a bridge and save myself a lifetime of further horror

  7. Alain Riouh 2 years ago

    This lighting was obviously obcene. OK. But a LOT of Christians (probably many, many Pharisees…) are way too paranoid about a so-called ”war on Christmas” and lack a healthy sense of humor. This makes the increasingly prudish USA a SAD country, where I’m not sure if I’ll ever want to travel there again. So sorry for what you’ve done with your ”Christianity”. BTW, I do believe in Jesus-Christ and have immense love and reverence for Him.

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