Clinton: “Obama should allow twice the Muslim refugees”

Hillary Clinton wants to allow twice the Muslim refugees into America. Will this bode well for her?

CONCORD, NH While preparing for her appearance on the Democratic Party Debate, Clinton has given a bold statement to CBS News interviewers: She wishes to allow twice the Syrian refugees into America. This may have been intended to set her apart from competitor Bernie Sanders, who has not called for the allowance of more refugees, but is still in favor of vetting them into the country. The status of Syrian refugees has drummed up plenty of controversy between the Republican and Democratic party, and Clinton seems to wish to assert herself as more left than Bernie Sanders, who she is consistently losing ground to in New Hampshire.

Clinton was enjoying breakfast at Helen’s Diner in the state capitol of Concord, a CBS interviewer asked her what would make her different from competitor Bernie Sanders as well as president Barack Obama. “Well, first of all, Sanders does not have the foreign policy experience that I have, so that simple fact will put me ahead of him. Second, I’m perfectly aware that many of my followers do not believe that Barack Obama is doing enough for the Syrian refugees. In my opinion, Obama should allow twice the Muslim refugees into America, since ten thousand is nowhere near what the rest of our allies are letting in.”

This opinion is highly controversial, and will drive a further divide between herself and conservatives. Many conservatives believe that ISIS militants will sneak in along with peaceful refugees, and as a result are either calling for a more intense vetting process, or barring all refugees from the country entirely. Hillary’s claim also seems to be misguided, with a recent Bloomberg poll showing that 45% of Democrats have hesitations about letting in Syrian refugees. It will be interesting to see if Hillary will be comfortable broadcasting her stance on live TV to the entire nation.

“This just shows that Hillary is becoming increasingly out of touch with voters,” CBS Political Analyst Richard Lickar said. “However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls back on this opinion and keeps it to herself, given that saying such an opinion on national television would definitely drum up controversy within both the Republican and Democratic party.”

Most of the hesitations about letting Syrian refugees in stems from the Paris attacks that took place on the 19th of November this year. The large scale attack was orchestrated by ISIS to drive fear into the hearts of the west. Passports were found on attackers who were Middle Eastern in ethnicity, although most of them were homegrown with several of the attackers being French or Belgian nationals. What truly ignited controversy was a Syrian passport found by one of the dead attackers, suggesting that he was a refugee. However, after the passport was examined by authorities, they determined that it was almost certainly a fake, created to incite fear and anger towards the refugees. However, many still believe that the refugee crisis was put in place by ISIS to allow militants to enter the country that have fake or missing credentials.

Hillary Clinton’s opinion will likely cause more of a divide between conservatives and liberals, but will definitely set her apart from Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, who will be accompanying her on the stage.


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