DOTA 2 and Its Upcoming Tournaments


If you’re a fan of Esports betting, you can go on and start gambling on DOTA 2. Here, you can also read about all the upcoming tournaments.

What Does DOTA Mean?

DOTA is short for Defense of the Ancients. It started out as a modification of a map from Blizzard’s 2001 famous real-time strategy Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos. The map was so popular that it inspired a new genre, namely MOBA; short for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

The objective is straightforward, two teams (Radiant and Dire) composed of five members each have to destroy each other’s base. The first team that succeeds in destroying the enemy’s base wins. Each player has a role to fulfill:

  • One player is a tank, he deals with light damage, but his main role is to protect and absorb damage. He usually stays in the top lane.
  • Another player fulfills the role of a “jungler.” Unlike the other members that have to kill minions on each lane to gain gold and experience, the jungler has to move through the jungle and kill the minions there. He can also sneak and help another player to assassinate an enemy player.
  • The mage usually stays in the middle, and his objective is to gain gold and experience. The more gold he has, the better the equipment he can purchase and the stronger he can get. With experience, he can spend points on devastating spells.
  • On the bottom lane, you have the ADC, which is like a sharpshooter. Primarily, he delivers physical damage at a certain range and is a support champion that is there to help the ADC. He can either heal him or save him from sticky situations. The ADC has the same role as the mage, and in a confrontation, the ADC and mage should always be protected.
  • When a player dies, he loses time, gold and experience until he respawns. The assassin gets rewarded in gold, in experience and gets ahead in the match. The more a player dies, the more it takes him to respawn back in the match.
  • The map is filled with small to big objectives that can help either team win the game.

DOTA 2 Upcoming Tournaments

Fans from every corner of the world gather to watch the DOTA 2 tournaments, cheering and betting on their favorite team. As a result, betting sites are ready for the massive increase of bets that will take place during the competitions.

A couple of tournaments have been announced this year:

DOTA 2 is alive and kicking, and it’s full of tournaments this year. If you are a fan of the game and want to bet, we recommend using for a safe and professional Esports betting experience.


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