Trump Admits Candidacy a Scam – Drops Out Of Race

trump looks like a turtle

WASHINGTON — Shocking the country, Donald J. Trump, millionaire and perceived future chancellor of the United States, revealed that his presidential campaign was a scam.

The news was made only yesterday not long after audio of a conversation between Mika Brzezinski, Joe Chatting, and the Trump was leaked by Harry Shearer.

Trump: “My supporters – they love me. They’ll empty their pockets for me. They just want to see me succeed. Most of them are personal donors. [That means] I can say the only difference between campaign money and my money is what bank account it goes in.”

Trump and Brzezinski continued to discuss, with Joe Chatting, how they would publicly announce Trump’s resignation. In this dialogue, Trump admitted that every donation he received he put into a series of personal bank accounts. This means that his campaign was technically funded by his own money. And now he plans to keep it.

“I’m not going to let all that money go to waste. Look at Jeb. $130 million for nothing. You think I’m gonna go out like that?”

In CBS’s very own republican debate, Trump said, about PAC funders and other campaign donors, “…[They’re] spending billions and billions of dollars supporting people.”

CBS repub

CBS’s own republican debate lineup.

As much as the American people would love to see Trump walk off of the stage for the last time, this news must be taken with a grain of salt. Consider when Trump avoided the final Fox-hosted Republican Debate. The Trump is well acquainted with publicity stunts. Is this one of them? Deliberate leaks are not unheard of.

Then there is the possibility that Donald J. Trump is being honest. While this is about as likely as Jeb Bush being elected president, it is now a possibility worth considering.

Both of these roads are laid in golden bricks. One can only hope that at the end of either of them lies a man with only a loud mouth and no real power.

A man with a big mouth and no real power.


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