DNC Involved in Joint Investigation into Clinton Coin Toss

Clinton Coin Toss

DAVENPORT, IOWA A full scale investigation has been launched following a discovery of potential corruption in the Iowa caucus by a local. Black Box Voting, a nonpartisan investigative organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of elections has joined with the Democratic National Committee over allegations that a coin toss to decide six total delegates for Secretary Hillary Clinton over Senator Bernie Sanders was fixed in her favor.

Down to a coin toss in Davenport Iowa, Hayes Elementary School.

Posted by Robert Schlue on Monday, February 1, 2016

WATCH: Hillary Clinton won six delegates on Monday in six tied political regions by coin toss, the legitimacy of which has been called into question.

CBS News interviews Liz Krupa, the 19 year old who claims to have found evidence of Clinton’s fraud. “Well, I was shocked a coin flip was considered a fair way to decide delegates in the case of a tie. It is 2016 after all. I saw Sanders lose the flip, and all I could think about was when I was in elementary school I used to bend coins with my teeth in order to give myself an unfair advantage over bets.” With that thought, when Liz saw the caucus worker put the coin on a table, it was her immediate reaction to grab it. “I felt bad for taking it, but I ended up getting out my phone and I recorded myself flipping it seven times before two big men noticed me. Every flip was tails.” At this point, the coin was taken back from Krupa, and the men, likely security guards, insisted that she delete the video she had taken, and then tried to confiscate her phone. When she refused, the men physically and forcibly removed her from the Desmond caucus location. “I was thinking, maybe this was just strange chance. It wasn’t until security acted forcibly towards me that I knew I needed to send the video somewhere for investigation.”

Hillary Clinton has come under fire for several controversies recently, the most recent being a massive scandal with government emails being stored on a private server. As a result, she has gained the reputation among many voters to be dishonest. She won six out of six total delegates in the coin toss, giving her an extra edge in over Sanders, who nearly tied with her for votes. Statistically, the chance of Clinton winning all six coin tosses is a mere 1.6%. Once Black Box Voting received the video, they promptly launched an investigation, with the Democratic National Committee joining the investigation soon after.

When CBS News asked Lisa Heddons, the woman who flipped the coin in Desmond, on early Tuesday who she supported in her bid for the president, she originally maintained a position of no bias. However, with later pressing, she admitted she favored Clinton over Sanders. When CBS News began to press further questions about the legitimacy of the coin toss, interviewers were swiftly and curtly asked to leave.

Black Box Voting refuses to make an official statement claiming whether this case is being considered fraud currently. Regrettably, they will also not release the video of the coin flip until further study of the legitimacy of the local video and investigation into Clinton’s campaign are concluded.

CBS News will continue to bring the most up-to-date news on the matter.

  1. todd whitney 2 years ago

    I am a die hard Bernie Surporter, Im a Vermonter after all, and the man has been doing his best to bring benefits to all for years now.
    I also have always thought Hillary would make a fine president, even through the email scandals… they concerned me but I honestly dont see how she would be acting either malicious or corrupt by this whole email incident.
    If this turns out to be true, this is Horid. this is both malicious and corrupt, and I could not bring myself to vote for someone like this. wow what a story

    • Dee 2 years ago

      There is not any way that a “die hard Bernie Supporter” would consider Hillary Clinton as POTUS, unless thy were dangerously uninformed about her or would see her as the lesser evil before voting for the GOP in the general election.

      PLEASE do some research. Start here. 25 minutes of your time.

    • yogi 2 years ago

      You haven’t followed her history if you thought she would make a fine President. Bernie has integrity and really seems very truthful something that Hillary hasn’t shown much of throughout her private and public life!!

  2. Nathan 2 years ago

    CBS, The perception of Hillary as dishonest does not come entirely, or even mostly just from the email scandal. She has always been dishonest. Lie after lie straight to our faces. Some people are trained to catch liars. Actually the tricks are very readily available from many credible sources on the web. In reality, you don’t even need to be trained or know the tricks. Just need a little intuition and to pay attention to her and not the biased commentators. Yes politics can be rough and sometimes the other side makes stuff look as it is not, and that fact is what has saved Hillary so many times its hard to count. Thats her defense, everytime. “Oh! I won’t refute, even though I could, any of these outrageous claims against me. I’ll look straight in the camera and even though I’m totally innocent, I won’t say anything logical or with merit to defend myself except “Those dirty Republicans are always making stuff up about me.” Take her lame excuse away and all you’re left with is that no woman could be that lucky, or unlucky, as to have so many “entirely false” claims allocated against her and be totally innocent of all of them. It seems like there are just to many to be a coincidence. No we have coin tosses to add to being shot at, being dead broke, no classified emails, her husband was innocent, Chelsea jogging around the world trade center, Watergate, Travelgate, Chinagete, Vince Foster, Looting the white house when they left, Benghazi, etc. The list goes on and on and NO, no one group could possibly levy this many accusations with not one signle time being true. you can’t this stuff up!

    • Jodi 2 years ago

      Frankly, I’ve considered her vicious and dishonest since the 90’s, when she said all the women who made allegations against Bill were participating in a “Vast Rightwing Conspiracy”. It’s not that I’d put such past the GOP.. but the claim seems kind of shady. Did the GOP time travel to the 60’s to plant women claiming he raped and/or harassed them? She slut shamed victims of a serial predator, and called others liars so the creepy perv could keep the career she was springboarding her own from.

  3. Joe 2 years ago

    I am going to get hillary to pick my lottery numbers for me. Winning 6 out of six coin tosses, defies odds. I would just tell Bernie to make sure there are two sides on the coin if it comes down to a winner take all primary. Just saying…..

    • Karon Ratledge 2 years ago

      Oh my god Joe, such a good point!

  4. kristine weibel 2 years ago

    Yeah, and you trust Corporate Media to investigate their own candidate.

    • Meg A 2 years ago


  5. MARY 2 years ago


  6. Spring 2 years ago

    Bernie won this coin flip for Hardin Township.


    • Gretchen 2 years ago

      But, … but, … they said Hillary won all of the coin tosses!!???

    • Meg A 2 years ago

      Yes. And I saw a report that 90 precincts numbers got lost by the DNC…

  7. Donna 2 years ago

    Is it possible and I believe it is…. that it could be someone on Hillary’s team (if proven this was fixed) did this without her knowledge? I too love Bernie but Hillary to me is smarter than this. To risk being caught this close to becoming “maybe”the first woman President is something I doubt. She’s under a microscope/judged constantly….. The republicans are more worried about her than Bernie. Truthfully, voting blue, no matter who gets the nomination is the way to go!!

    • Karon Ratledge 2 years ago

      But, you know what Donna? I’m really not sure she is as smart as she is desperate since she threw her hat in the ring. And actually I just have not seen her worrying about risk. She has always managed to cover her ass. Just saying…

    • Meg A 2 years ago

      The DNC and Hillary are working together. That is why she claimed victory when only 80% of the votes were in. She knew…
      They will do everything they can to stop Bernie. They are all paid by the big banks, wall street, the insurance companies, etc. That is why we need to hold firm and support Bernie!! He is working to help hard working Americans!

    • Socialmedic 2 years ago

      Jill Stein of the Green Party is a better candidate than Hillary. Hillary is a republican posing as a democrat. This way the Republicans win no matter who loses. Bernie is the first REAL democrat the party has had since JFK was shot.

    • Charlene Davies 2 years ago

      Does it matter? I’m pretty sure Bernie didn’t know of the problem with the data leak, but it was publicly blamed on him – his campaign, his responsibility was the rationale. Well, it is still the same rationale. If she didn’t know, she should have. Her people, her dishonesty.

  8. Geroge 2 years ago

    How many of you out there can bend coins with your teeth, like this 19 year old girl claims? Seriously.

  9. Will Wilkin 2 years ago

    DNC investigating corruption by HRC supporters is like the police investigating themselves. We’ve seen repeatedly how the DNC did everything possible to limit the visibility of the debates in order to have her glide to the nomination as the only candidate widely known. Bernie Sanders is taking the country by storm in spite of the DNC and corporate media trying to eclipse him.

  10. Marc Sonnenberg 2 years ago

    Was it that NFL referee who tossed the coin? ( I see a meme in the making)

  11. Olivia 2 years ago

    I can do coin tosses and get the same result almost every time… it’s physics and depends how you start the toss.

  12. JVR 2 years ago

    If this turns out to be true (and I’ll hold off my judgement), then even if Clinton had no idea her precinct captains had done this, she’d still have to lose the delegates. Fraud is fraud, after all, and to ignore it after it’s confirmed would result in public outcry.
    Unfortunately, they’d probably just use another coin toss to reassign the delegates. Which still isn’t representative, because a stupid coin can’t represent the will of the people to begin with.

  13. Kevin 2 years ago

    1.56% chance for her to get all 6, given it was all random chance like it should have been.

  14. Kathy Schnell 2 years ago


  15. Pamela Valemont 2 years ago

    Could it have been double headed coins and the Hillary supporter told which side to call when the coin was tossed into the air? I don’t see how this could have been fixed otherwise.

  16. Mitch Thompson 2 years ago

    My name is Mitch Thompson. I am the Precinct Chairman of Hardin Township, Johnson county Iowa. I recorded the video linked here and it appears on this thread further down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONP9oKpyjQ4&feature=gp-n-y&google_comment_id=z12zd3urvvbzipzjt04ccj2hzvbmeh2pcfg

    I recorded the video to show that we tried very hard to do everything on the up and up. It was uncharted territory for me and I have been to every caucus since 1980. Sanders won at our caucus. We all agreed who ever won the flip got the single delegate. Watch the video.

    • Billy Joe Cain 2 years ago

      I saw that video earlier today. Good work!

  17. Linda 2 years ago

    Just remember. It was not Hillary that made the tosses, and I’m quite sure she did not authorize either. This coin toss is a result of an overzealous supporter. I’m a Sanders supporter, but let’s not get carried away blaming Hillary for something that had nothing to do with her.

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