Custom Essays- Good or Bad?

Custom essays

Custom essay writing can be understood as an online writing service that is done by virtual writers especially on essays, academic assignments, research papers, term papers, dissertations and speeches among others. The demand for academic excellence has led to the rise in usage of custom essays in the recent years. Most students are stressed up due to the rise in demand of essays as part of their coursework. Different scholars and online discussions have highlighted the ethics of custom essay practice on the side of students. Therefore, it is critical to note that indeed there exist both the pros and cons of custom writing. People who engage in custom writing see it as an occupation in a competitive environment hence they have to develop a technique to ensure survival. Furthermore, students gain immense academic skills when they hire online writers to write guide them on the best approaches for essays and assignments. Therefore, it is good and ethically right for students to engage in custom paper writing.

Arguments for custom essays

In support of custom essays, students who engage in custom essays have freedom. More freedom means more time to delve into different activities simultaneously. The student can free up some tight schedules and dedicate significant time to classes and projects which may be delayed. Besides, a student might have an assignment with strict deadline hence hiring someone to complete such as assignment may save time especially when the assignment entailed complexities.

Secondly, custom essay writing benefits students regarding improved writing skills, and mastery of languages. In most cases, students, especially from the ESL, have difficulties in mastering the English language. These students have developed poor writing skills. Therefore, engaging in a writing service indeed save them time besides help them improve their standards in the long term. The ESL students are usually disadvantaged when gauging them at the same level with the rest of the students whose native language is English. This unfairness results to lower GPA in the long run even if he performs better in non-language subjects such as math or sciences.

Joining custom essay service saves time for students who have part-time jobs or those attending an evening class. A student who is part-time employees has time to meet their needs and safely attend their jobs promptly within the limited time available. In any case, an assignment is provided with short deadlines, and the students can consult custom essays to accomplish such an assignment to save time as well as saving the student from failing a grade.

Most students who seek assistance from custom essays meet expert writers hence can gain experience. These students use the sample essays and study the examples hence can follow the given instructions for their assignments for the subsequent courses. Besides, the students engage in direct dialogue hence can create time for further coaching in research areas where they experience difficulties.

Lastly, students value custom essays since the writers can present and frame the main ideas and concepts in a more understandable way. Besides, the writer issue guidance on studies for easier comprehension for these students. Besides, the writers can help the students with a selection of relevant topics and assist them to deliver quality papers, check plagiarism and perform their revisions.

Arguments against custom essays

Regarding the disadvantages of custom essays, most students have been penalized for plagiarism cases. Lazy students never take the time to verify the academic rules. Even though there is no law that guards against plagiarism, institutions do not allow the practice of custom essays hence some students who have been caught with plagiarism cases are expelled from the institution which is detrimental to students’ careers and long-term ambitions in the education system.

Secondly, students have been falling victims of scam since most companies are not genuine. Finding a legitimate company is also hectic and takes a lot of time with higher expenditure besides delivery a poorly written essay which does not meet the payment. On the same note, students find it difficult to differentiate the reliable companies from scam companies.

On a separate note, most students believe that consulting custom essay is a form of stealing hence it is unethical. The students argue that it is important to produce an original work or assignment which is their own. Therefore, the practice of using custom essay degrades integrity since they do not get what they deserve. However, overcoming this aspect is a challenge in itself especially in the current society where ghostwriters flock the market.

Other problems incurred by students who associate themselves with custom essay assistance are the high expenditures. In most cases, students who genuinely find professional writers whom they assign the tasks to charge a higher fee for the services hence these students end up using a lot of money that would have otherwise been used for other activities. Besides, most of these students also fall, victims of fraud hence lose their cash in the event.

Lastly, custom essay writing is a crime. Several students usually engage with writers who do all the assignments for them. This activity lowers the moral standards of academic, institution and the overall reduced performance especially for the students who engage in such activities. On the same note, writers who help these students are also part of the criminal activity and should be banned.

In conclusion, engaging in custom essay writing can be viewed as an event with pros and cons in academic fields. However, it can be criminalized based on the motive of the student and the writer who is will to perform the dirty tricks such as cheating. Conversely, the activity is an industry on its own that offers employment to many professional writers and editors.










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