How To Change Photo Background

change the photo background

There are so many image modifications that we would love to do from time to time. No matter how many images you shoot, there is always something that can be done to improve it. Sometimes you just have to add some text or perform a very simple task like changing color saturation. In other cases you want to do something more advanced like using a background remover that actually manages to isolate an object from the image. Replacing an image’s background is normally something that is done through the use of highly expensive advanced photo editing software. The alternative is not known by many. It is offered by Movavi Photo Editor.

Before we go through the changes that are available and how to modify the background of an image with the use of Movavi Photo Editor, here is an example of the work that is possible:

Before Image:

After Image:

How was this done? By following these really simple steps:

  • Install the software – Just download the file and follow instructions appearing during installation.
  • Open the image – Browse for Images has to be clicked and you then choose the image that you want to modify.
  • Cropping the background – You will want to open Background Removal tool. The Foreground Brush is utilized in order to mark an element you would want to separate. Background Brush then makes it easy to mark the image’s background. When you are satisfied with the accuracy of the selection, you click Set New Background. This allows you to completely replace the background of the image. The object that you selected then appears with a transparent background. In order to add the new background you click Add Image and then you choose what you want to add.
  • Save the image – Choose out of numerous file formats and quality settings and you are done. This does include the popular PNG, JPEG, JPG and even BMP file formats. Make sure that you choose the appropriate format based on where you are going to use the image. For instance, if the photo will be use online, you want to consider PNG as it is normally more affordable.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the above mentioned steps you can easily remove backgrounds in just a few minutes as opposed to spending a really long time with the use of the advanced software that is designed for professional photographers. The results are going to be more than suitable for the regular users and for the professionals that do not need many features in the programs they use. The truth is that all that is really needed to make Movavi Photo Editor effective is a high quality image. When the image is not of a very high quality it becomes complicated for the automated tools to properly detect full backgrounds.

Give Movavi Photo Editor a try and see if this is the photo editing software you would want to use. Also, analyze the other features that are included to see if there are other tools that are of interest for you.







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