Body Language: 7 Signs that She is Serious About You

7 signs that she is in to you

A good evening with a new girlfriend can easily flow into an unforgettable night if you keep a close eye on her signals. Here are seven parts of her body that you need to keep under careful observation. Here is a well-known fact – knowledge is the power. Follow Vip Brides`s tips, watch for the special signs and take the wheel!

  1. Eyebrows
    Keep an eye-to-eye contact but do not stare. If you catch the look back at least for two or three seconds and notice her raised eyebrows – you are on the right track. I assure you, the girl is flirting back.
  2. Pupils
    Enlarged pupils (especially under normal illumination) indicate the sexual excitement of any human being. So when she looks at you, examine her pupils rather than other rounded parts of her body. I bet her other rounded parts of the body are more attractive than pupils but, according to researchers, watching her pupils will be much more effective.
    3. Ears
    Unfortunately, it is impossible to find out whether a girl likes you or not just by looking at her ears. However, it turns out, you can use this part of her body to tell her what to do subconsciously. Whisper in the right ear your naughty intentions – this is your winning strategy. This way your words will go straight to the part of the brain that is responsible for the actions.4. Feet
    Try to cast a glance at her feet as often as possible. Does she move her legs while laughing merrily at what you say? If yes, she likes you without any doubts. Putting the shoes off, which makes the heel bared; then again, hiding from the male gaze also eloquently proves her sympathy. However, be careful. If the movement resembles a tremor, she is annoyed. Stop talking about yourself, ask her more about herself or think again, if she is worth your efforts at all.
    The legs are still crossed and fixed? Keep going!

    5. Hands
    The first thing that a woman does to attract a man is smartening up. Girls perfectly know that a moving object attracts more attention than a static one and use this fact as a benefit. She adjusts the already well-fitting dress, smoothes down the pleats, fixes the hair and does everything of that kind with the help of the most feminine part of her body–the hands–she definitely wants to draw your attention. If the woman is rather assertive, she can demonstrate her wrist. It is a very common female gesture, in which a girl reveals something secret, and private.If your girl does something of that kind, be proud of yourself. Everything you did was not in vain.

  3. The Pulse
    When you finished the “visual examination” of your pair and she still remains incomprehensible, go ahead and try touching her. Make a contact. Hands are the best way to start. First, touch the palm; slowly go to the wrist and stop right there. Yes, you got it right, on the wrist! Feel her pulse. If it accelerates every time you look at her, smile or give compliments, you are definitely on the right way.
  4. The Mouth
    The final and the most desirable stage. Licking lips, a half-open mouth demonstrating the tongue, biting of the lips…If you see one of these things, stop flirting and start acting. You can begin with calling a cab to the hotel).

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