8-Year-Old Suspended For Saying “Merry Christmas” To Teacher

Student suspended for saying Merry Christmas to teacher

San Francisco, CA — The ‘war on Christmas’ continues as a simple well-wishing of ‘Merry Christmas’ has led to big trouble for one third-grade San Francisco girl this week.

Samantha Dawson, an 8-year-old student at Westview Elementary School in San Francisco, CA., was in the school cafeteria Tuesday eating with friends when she was taken to the principal’s office and given a week-long suspension. Her punishment was consequence for saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to her homeroom teacher earlier that day.

Dawson’s teacher, 37-year-old Paul Horner who is an outspoken atheist, was offended at the students display of Christmas spirit and had staff suspend the young girl for all of next week.

“I say ‘Merry Christmas’ to everyone,” the young girl told CBS News. “I didn’t think it would cause so much trouble just for saying a couple little words.”

The girl’s mother, Laura Dawson, 41, was fuming over the issue.

“You don’t traumatize a child who loves to go to school, who wanted to be early every day to school, you don’t make her cry, just for wishing someone Merry Christmas,” she told reporters, holding back tears. “You just don’t do it.”

Reporters spoke with Mr. Horner as he was leaving from school on Friday.

“I warned the children not to bring religion into my classroom,” Horner said. “Maybe Samantha will listen to adults next time.”

At the time of this press release, Westview Elementary School officials declined to comment, though this was posted on the school’s website:

Once again we had to suspend a student, 3rd grader Samantha Dawson, because she said “Merry Christmas” to her homeroom teacher, who is a proud atheist.

PLEASE, lets learn from this horrible act and not let the the holiday spirit be ruined by the few that confuse church and state.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


  1. Jean 2 years ago

    Prayer for the school’s unjust punishment & Merry Christmas Mr. Paul Honer.


    • John Smith 2 years ago

      Merry Christmas –Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas To all and may God bless!Merry Christmas –Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas To all and may God bless!Merry Christmas –Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas To all and may God bless!Merry Christmas –Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas To all and may God bless!Merry Christmas –Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas To all and may God bless!

    • John Smith 2 years ago

      Merry Christmas –Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas—Merry Christmas To all and may God bless!

    • John Smith 2 years ago

      I love Christmas I love Jesud and I love God!

    • Tom 2 years ago


    • Joe Blow 2 years ago


    • Joe Blow 2 years ago


  2. SEveland 2 years ago

    Paul Horner is a pig

  3. joe 2 years ago

    Just whip his ass…. enough of the tolerance.

    • For My Liberty 2 years ago

      They are only “Tolerant” when you AGREE with them!

    • Mark 2 years ago

      He needs one.

  4. Pamster 2 years ago

    This is so out of control. An entire week’s suspension for saying Merry Christmas? A little 8 yo child? If I was the principal, I’d fire the teacher. If I was the mom, I’d pull my child out of that school so fast their heads would spin. Then I’d file a lawsuit.

    • Nancy Heap 2 years ago

      Yeah I agree totally. He is a idiot a-hole! Sue them. The school and teacher.

  5. JD 2 years ago

    There is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, for STUDENTS TOO. This athiest teacher is imposing HIS beliefs on students. As for me, I would retain an Excellent Attorney, ASAP and file suit against this teacher, the Superintendent, the Principal and the School Disrict. This LEFT LOON PC LUNACY MUST STOP. This is AMERICA , we the people have rights!

    • rosa 2 years ago

      i agree with you.

    • Nancy Heap 2 years ago

      I agree totally. Perfectly said.

    • John 2 years ago


  6. For My Liberty 2 years ago

    Hey ASSHOLE Horner, GET over it, and STOP Teaching! You do NOT have the “Right”, NOT to be OFFENDED!!!

    EVERY stinking School Board member needs replace, AS does the Principal and Superintendent,if they support this dumb assed Teacher.

    Merry Christmas, Samantha!!!!

    • Nancy Heap 2 years ago


  7. Jackie 2 years ago

    News Flash! Christmas is a Federal Holiday. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    • Tina 2 years ago

      Yes great thought. How do they justify letting fed workers off on religious holidays?

  8. rosa 2 years ago

    mr. horne, if you don’t wish for children to be nice and wish you A MERRY CHRISTMAS, then you are working in the wrong JOB.


    when it comes your time to die and you are not ready for it, THE FIRST THING THAT WILL COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH WILL BE GOD DON’T LET ME DIE.

    if you wish to live in HELL that is your chose but DON’T TAKE IT OUT ON A CHILD.

    • Jud!ith Campbell 2 years ago

      Well! We know what to do, perhaps we should all start sending Christmas cards to this teacher

  9. Tim 2 years ago

    Actually, she has the Constitutional right, as we all do to say “Merry Christmas”. Her rights do not end when she walks onto the school campus. See the Establishment Clause in our Constitution. She was not disrupting class, so this does not fall under ” in loco parentis”

    • Carrie 2 years ago

      I hope her parents sue. This is a civil rights violation. No teacher has the right to impose their religious beliefs on their students–even atheists.

      • Ruth jones 2 years ago

        I agree entirely. So his views must b adhered to and followed does he use your currency … IN GOD WE TRUST PRINTED ON EACH PAPER BILL….does he refuse to acknowledge his pay packet as it’s in god we trust!!!!!

    • sc 2 years ago

      Hmmm, maybe a lawsuit will make the school think things through a little better. Better yet, every ztudent and teacher that side with the student should say Merry Christmas EVERY time they greet someone all this week. 😊

  10. bob 2 years ago

    I myself am a pagan,but if someone tells me Merry Christmas I do not take offense fore someone is wishing me well.Merry Christmas Samantha and happy Yule.

  11. Jack 2 years ago

    Time for the AMerican center for law and justice to step in. Sue the teacher and the school

  12. Kathy 2 years ago

    We will all have a Merry Christmas in spite of you Paul Horner

  13. Rakshasha 2 years ago

    that school had better be suspending people for wearing Islamic clothing, wearing head coverings, or promoting Atheism…oops, that’s right; the only religion tolerated in that school is atheism. Pathetic.

  14. Melissa 2 years ago

    Soooo…… the teacher’s rights trumps the student’s? Beyond ridiculous! Freedom of Speech lawsuit, right there!

  15. Joel price 2 years ago

    Kid should have said F you…still would have been suspended but would have felt better

    • kathy shearer 2 years ago

      This has gone far enough. Pretty soon when someone sneezes and another says bless you we will be put in jail, but F you will be appropriate.

  16. Debra 2 years ago

    M E R R Y. C H R I S T M A S

  17. Kathy 2 years ago

    De fund the school corporation – Home school your children if you are able – that way they can say Merry Christmas and God Bless Us All Everyone if they so choose

    • Julie Garland 2 years ago

      This Teacher, Mr. Paul Horner, should be fired! How about Mr. Paul Horner ruining this little girl’s Holiday. Mr. Horner NEEDS to have respect for her beliefs. How old is this teacher? Mr. Paul Horner NEEDS to keep HIS religious views out of the classroom.
      I am very surprised that the school didn’t stick up for the child. Shame on Westview Elementary School. If this was my child I would be speaking to my Attorney about this.

  18. Valerie Goldstein 2 years ago

    We have Freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion. We also have Freedom of Speech. If this teacher is that intolerant of children, he should not be teaching children. That is the wrong position for him. He wants to be an atheist, that is fine, but he has no right to make it hard for others, to practice what they believe in too. He should be fired.

  19. Georgia 2 years ago

    Mr. Horner. You do not belong in a classroom…,and it has nothing to do with being an atheist…..you do not belong In a classroom because you have no respect for your students. You are a bigot and a fool. I will work very hard to get you fired!

  20. Rich 2 years ago

    “PLEASE, lets learn from this horrible act and not let the the holiday spirit be ruined by the few that confuse church and state.
    Happy Holidays everyone!!!”…….REALLY?
    This idiot teacher is “practicing his atheism” in the classroom! I hope someone slaps the shit out of the teacher and fires everyone on the school board that approved the idiotic statement on their website!

  21. Mark 2 years ago

    Maybe she’ll listen to adults next time? Well, he is in no way an adult or a real man. He’s nothing but a liberal pussy, pushing his hatred for God onto these kids.

  22. Julie Garland 2 years ago

    This Teacher, Mr. Paul Horner, should be fired! How about Mr. Paul Horner ruining this little girl’s Holiday. Mr. Horner NEEDS to have respect for her beliefs. How old is this teacher? Mr. Paul Horner NEEDS to keep HIS religious views out of the classroom.
    I am very surprised that the school didn’t stick up for the child. Shame on Westview Elementary School. If this was my child I would be speaking to my Attorney about this.

  23. Stephenie 2 years ago

    This is disgusting! First and foremost, Christ is the ONLY reason for this “holiday season.” Without his birth, Christmas and the elaborate holiday celebrations would not be. Secondly, this school clearly places little value on the instruction they offer students, if saying Merry Chrustmas warrants a 5 day suspension-removal from 5 days of instruction and learning. Thirdly, this child’s federally mandated right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) has been violated. Missing instruction is not an appropriate punishment for a child whose developmental capacity can’t possibly discern the separation of church and state. Finally, The public statement issued by the school naming and shMing the child is not only highly inappropriate but a breach of confidentiality insinuating poor character and judgement on behalf of the child and her family (defamation of character). Perhaps Mr. Horner and school administrators should “learn from” a large law suit.

    • Sharon 2 years ago

      Very well said

  24. Darryl 2 years ago

    A woman working for the government in Kentucky is told she may not push her religious beliefs when
    working for the government. So, why is this guy allowed to force his atheism on these kids and restrict their freedom of speech and religion. Sue the school and the jackass teacher.

  25. Jean 2 years ago

    So someone’s right, not to be offended, now trumps the First Amendment? I don’t think so. I hope her parents sue the crap out of that teacher!

  26. Errol 2 years ago

    What “horrible act” is the school referring to in the post on their website, the little girl saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone, including her atheist teacher, not meaning offense or his and their overreaction to it to get her suspended? What’s wrong with being a proud CHRISTIAN and who is confusing church and state? He “warned the children not to bring religion into HIS classroom”? Mr. Horner has no right to proclaim his religious views, either for or against, in a public school classroom either! Doesn’t it violate her right to privacy and protection as a minor to be mentioned by name in the post? If I was her father, I would SUE THEIR ASS just for that!

    I think Mr. Horner needs to find another line of work because he obviouly has no business dealing with CHILDREN that he can dictate to and use a public classroom as an environment to supress religion. The kids have enough problems dealing with bullies amonst their classmates and definitely don’t need one that sits at the teacher’s desk and those school administrators that seem to support Mr. Horner need to get educated themselves and go back and read the first amendment to the Constitution that says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF…” MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PEACE ON EARTH TO ALL!!

  27. Diane 2 years ago

    What happened to the first Amendment Right to free speech? It isn’t just for adults. If I was the little girls mother I’d sue the school and the teacher for violating that child’s Rights and traumatizing her.

  28. Timothy Arnold 2 years ago

    The little girls right to free speech and religion trumps that immature teachers desire to not be offended. His threshold of being offended is too low to have the responsibility of teaching young children.

  29. Paul Fox 2 years ago

    The teacher is a total Grin check but the School is even worse for accommodating him instead of the student!!! The family should sue them 3 ways to Sunday!!!

  30. Neil 2 years ago

    Merry Christmas Paul Horner, I hope you are proud of your accomplishments.

    • Chaz 2 years ago

      He will have PLENTY of time to think about his accomplishments, when he himself is suspended or in fact denied entry into heaven.

  31. Reality Check 2 years ago

    What a sick P H U K K I N G country we now have. Thanks to you lib tard morons.

    No one can have individual views and freedoms in your world. It’s the lib tard way or no way.

    You are sick P H U K K I N G people.

    • Kate 2 years ago

      It’s coming from the top down. The Obama administration and his views on Christianity are being expressed every day in government schools. Notice this has gotten worse in the last eight years with teachers not allowed to pray and students not allowed to read the Bible in school. Think of that. Not allowed to read a really good book in school. Paul Horner is a symptom of the sickness of liberalism which is a religion unto itself and is godless.

      • John 2 years ago

        Oh, Kate, puleeeze! There has been a Christmas tree at the White House in each of Obama’s years in office so far. Point to one instance where Obama has throttled free speech or freedom of religion. As a Christian, himself, he has championed freedom of religion for all faiths. Show me some empirical study supporting your notion that “this has gotten worse in the last eight years” (well, not eight years just yet, maybe you are good at enumerating bible verses, not so good at counting calender years, perhaps good at neither). Obama’s primary weakness with those of your ilk is that he is our first black (truly black, although only half black . . . oh, wait, keepers of the race don’t count half white, half black is black and that is that!). Black heritage is a fatal blood disease that renders one (at any percentage) less than human, certainly less than President.

        I am a Christian, and I find totally unjustified this teacher’s stance and the administration’s response. But I don’t buy, even for the length of a “blink of an eye” the notion that this is a result of this Christian’s President’s “non-Christian” tendencies. Provide one instances of Obama’s involvement with just one student’s inability to read the Bible in school. One substantiated instance, please.

        You won’t because you can’t.

        You’re attempt to attribute this despicable instance to Obama does nothing to contribute towards a cure for the mistreatment of this child and her family.


  32. Reality Check 2 years ago

    Okay, you censorship people. If you want it nicer, here goes:

    What a sick disgusting country we now have. Thanks to you intolerant and insensitive narrow-minded liberal tyrants.

    No one can have individual views and freedoms in your world. It’s the deplorable liberal way or no way.

    You are sick, disgusting people.

  33. John 2 years ago

    I looked on the schools page and found that all the teachers have a @westviewelementaryschool.com email address, except for Horner, who’s email reads paul.horner.a.elementary@gmail.com .

    Seems like maybe he was getting flooded with emails so they gave him something different.

    There is a picture of him on there too. The only teacher with a picture posted.

    Here is the link to the school teacher list. Has email address for the principal too.

    An 8 year old probably doesn’t even know what an atheist is. Can’t believe they suspended that child for a week.

    What a bunch of morons.

    • Darren of Australia 2 years ago

      He’s a gluttonous pig.

  34. John 2 years ago

    Sorry, forgot to leave the link.


  35. Crystal 2 years ago

    This is horrible. The teacher should be banned from teaching children. And he should not be allowed to bring his religion into the classroom either if the children can’t. Atheism is a recognized religion.

  36. Tom 2 years ago

    Every parent should demand their child be removed from his class. Merry Christmas Paul Hornet. You going to have me suspended also. This schools administration leaves something to be desired also, I think I would look for another school for my children to attend. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have all the kids to wish him a Merry Christmas. Bullies like that teacher need to be fired they do not need to be teaching our children.

  37. Pat 2 years ago

    What happened to freedom of speech. Oh ya I forget it is freedom of speech until you try to use it. The teacher is a complete
    idiot. I wouldn’t want my kids around the IDIOT. Poor child, Samantha you did the right thing this is your belief’s too bad for the teacher. How will she ever be able to face that teacher again. The teacher SHOULD NOT be passing his religous views to the children SHAME ON HIM. GET A NEW JOB. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  38. D.L. 2 years ago

    Maybe we should all send him a Christmas card.

  39. Rich 2 years ago

    Her classmates should recite “Pledge of Allegiance” and then sing to him “we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS ” first ting Monday morning….

  40. Kate 2 years ago

    Paul Horner has no place even being near children, let alone teaching them his hatred. I hope the parents find a good lawyer and sue him for not allowing their daughter her freedom of speech. What a brute! Merry Christmas, Samantha. You just keep telling people that despite the reactions of some hateful ones like your horrible teacher.

  41. Bill 2 years ago

    Hey Horner!

    You’re a scumbag, you’re not even a well meaning scumbag!
    You should pick on somebody your own size, screw you and your atheism, I don’t have a problem with athiests but I have a problem with douchebags like you who take their lack of religion out on little kids…..
    Too bad you’re offended, if I got my hands on you, I’d duct tape headphones to your head and play Christmas music full blast while you’re tied to a chair and that’s just for what you did to the kid.
    If you were any sort of decent man, you’d apologize for getting her suspended for a week but you need a pair of balls for that, you’re nothing but a gutless turd.
    But in the meantime, GO FUCK YOURSELF ASSHOLE!

    • Darren of Australia 2 years ago

      I don’t think headphones would fit on his FAT head.

  42. Elizabeth 2 years ago

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

  43. dee 2 years ago

    This teacher needs to be fired if he is willing to go to that length to get a child suspended what will he do next everyone has the right of freedom of speech. He is a peice of garbage im really pissed off right now .

  44. Kim 2 years ago


  45. Stefhend 2 years ago

    All Atheis are not created by GOD because they had forgot their creator n are not valid to call true human. They are indeed the chindren of devil with human form.

  46. Adam 2 years ago

    What a piece of sh*t. He is bringing his views on religion into the classroom, he needs to look up the word hypocrite. Take your head out of your ass and see the statement as the sign of goodwill that it is. It’s not like she was trying to indoctrinate him into a friggin cult, she’s 8!

  47. Glenn 2 years ago

    Mr. Horner, you are very lucky I don’t live near you or it wasn’t my child. I would have smashed your fuc***ing face right the f*** in you intolerant idiot. I’m done with this sh** and no more “well he should have a Merry Christmas anyway” fu** that, we need to stand up and tell these morons that we are not going to tolerate it anymore. I am done with the Black Lives, College students coddled like 5 year old BABIES, PUSSIES, WIMPS, WORTHLESS ENTITLED LITTLE POS!! I am done with the Muslim this and that, Atheist whatever, THIS IS AMERICA!!!! . Freedom OF Religion, not freedom from it, get it straight. This child’s freedom of speech rights were violated and the parents need to pull the kid and sue the living Sh** out of the school, set up a page to have people donate to the lawyer costs, I’m sure we could come up with plenty. Of course the liberal morons in California won’t do anything but once it hits a real Federal judge it will be treated fairly. Eat it Horner, I sincerely hope you get hit by a car.

  48. Linda Galbraith 2 years ago

    The new daily greeting should be MERRY CHRISTMAS. Our Constitution gives the freedom to ALL to choose their own religious belief system. It was written this way so that one religion could not be imposed upon others, as the atheists are doing. If the entire school said MERRY CHRISTMAS daily, would the school kick all out? If parents took their child out of the school because one teacher chose to teach hate the school would not be able to stay open. Home schooling, another school is always an option. The male, not teacher, is a bully. Do we need another civil rights amendment to our Constitution to stop this insanity? I would not allow a child of mine to be in the company of this hate teaching person. FIRE HIM. I, like many, have friends of many different religious beliefs. His name should be GRINCH – except he doesn’t have a heart. In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS, GOD’s love to all. This is also Hanukkah, so HAPPY HANUKKAH to many and soon it will be Kwanzaa. HAPPY KWANZAA to all who celebrate this holiday. God bless all that wish it. Bah! Humbug!
    to this angel’s “teacher”

    • Glenn 2 years ago

      Kwanza is not celebrated by anybody in America, so that’s not being tolerant it’s stupid.

  49. Diogenes 2 years ago

    I have two words for this nasty teacher that are NOT “Merry Christmas” and can be followed with “and the horse you rode in on.”

  50. V 2 years ago

    Time to sue a school for infringing on my child’s rights. By suspending the child, is that not forcing the teacher’s belief’s on the child? YES it is. The teacher is supposed to be a adult. That is the one who needs to be spending a week at home. Time for some adults to grow up. Get a lawyer mom.

  51. Christian Lady 2 years ago

    What is this world coming to? You atheists don’t have a rite to teach impressionable minds your hate. How dare you? It is you, sir, who should be suspended, forever.

    • Glenn 2 years ago

      Well, lets do it, let us get together and organize and get this school closed and this moron out of a job, we can do it if we make enough of a fuss.

      He e-mailed me about children fucking goats? Really, this man is fit to teach? He is probably a pedophile.

  52. Carl Piek 2 years ago

    I live in South Africa and am agnostic but not even I would deprive a child of spreading joy over the holidays.

    Mr. Horner is simply a fascist that likes belittling young children, shouldn’t even be a teacher if he can’t see it was an innocent gesture.


  53. mmc 2 years ago

    I suggest the parents, the sane ones get together and have all the kids go up to that anti-teacher and all say MERRY CHRISTMAS, and say it year round many times a day until his loco self quits.
    If they want to suspend the many students, make them do it.

  54. Jim Bridge 2 years ago

    First the teacher should be fired for putting his religious beliefs ahead of his students first amendment rights. Then as a common sense human adult he should of had the brains to realize she is an innocent 8 yr old that was being nice and wishing him well. The school board is even worse as they stood up for a worthless self centered teacher instead of a student they should of protected. The entire student body should wish him a Merry Christmas and see what they would do. You need students to have a school. A good lawyer will have lots of fun suing everyone as a jury will have the last say. And I think they will say Merry Christmas as they award the student and her family big bucks. Wake up America and do the right thing.

  55. Lisa Farkass 2 years ago

    Atheists are mean little mother truckers.

  56. Chris Ritoch 2 years ago

    I think we should send Paul Horner Christmas cards.

  57. fran 2 years ago

    Every parent should take their children out of his class, refuse to have this horrid so called teacher.

  58. Krystal Jubrey 2 years ago

    Our money still says, “In God We Trust”. I bet that doesn’t offend him at all. He obviously has no problem working for it or spending it!! Merry Christmas!

  59. William Ray 2 years ago

    Poor Mr. Horner. So thin skinned. He, and the schools administration, should be ashamed. Where is the School Board on this? If they don’t fire people they should be replaced wholesale the next election.

  60. Geraldine 2 years ago

    Merry Christmas Samantha!
    GOD loves you!

  61. Barbara 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, an academic opportunity has been missed. Never too early for kids to learn about freedom of expression, the different ideas human beings hold about religion and god. Certainly a a missed opportunity to each tolerance. One can assume a wrong approach to teaching because of course, there is much more detail to this story that we are missing.

    My personal wish at this time of year for all is that we all feel deeply how marvelous each and every one of us is!

  62. Edward Bohne 2 years ago

    Merry Christmas, asshole!

  63. J W 2 years ago

    Merry Christmas you jerk Paul Horner!!!!

  64. J W 2 years ago

    Why don’t we all wish Paul Horner a Merry Christmas: paul.horner.a.elementary@gmail.com

    • Glenn 2 years ago

      I personally told him he was lucky I didn’t live in CA, and I have friends, so he better watch is disgusting blasphemous mouth, because I just may use my frequent flier miles. Watch your back and Merry Christmas!!

  65. Glenn 2 years ago

    OK GUYS, I emailed this guy, what the moron doesn’t know is that I am best friends with a PI, and I am going to find him and smash his face, this disbusting pig had the guts to write this back to me!! He better have police protection because he is going to be in some real trouble here. FYI there is no god, whoever you are, so how can there be a “Christ” in Christmas? It started as a Pagan holiday anyway, look it up. I was doing the kid a favor.

    The kids can fuck goats and worship men that walk on water, just not in my classroom.

    Bah humbug!


    Paul Horner

    Here’s a Christmas fund I setup so I won’t suspend anymore kids over their religious beliefs:
    BTC: 1NVnj6MveqWVBG61iBFR9jki71V5ZLKh83

  66. Glenn 2 years ago

    That’s correct people, he relates Christianity to fucking goats and discusses it with reference to children, this man should be removed from the school!!!

    • Ann Cortellacci-Kulczycki 2 years ago

      I wrote to him too directly and got the same response… I told him that I was sad for him that he only can think of the F word which tells me he can’t have an intelligent conversation. I think that the school board should see what he is sending out because he should not be teaching children.

      • Glenn 2 years ago

        WE should do something, I wrote FOX, you do the same, if enough of us get together we can get this together and get this idiot away from peoples children.

  67. Larry Dangus 2 years ago

    Happy holidays, you Jesus-humping bastards!

    I wish he had actually been resurrected so we could kill that stupid socialist again!

  68. David 2 years ago

    Paul must be really close to a Christian Conversion if saying Merry Christmas bugs him so much! Please leave you gun at home Paul

    • Glenn 2 years ago

      Don’t worry, I’ll bring mine.

  69. Jules 2 years ago

    Look at this school’s website! They’ve named this man Teacher of the Year! Here’s what they posted:

    “Even though we have recently had a couple complaints (from closed minded Jesus freaks) about our amazing teacher Mr. Paul Horner, after he was offended by a 3rd grade student, Samantha Dawson, for wishing him a “Merry Christmas” (in this Christmas-free zone).

    Well, Mr. Horner handled this horrible behavior with extreme professionalism and because of that he has been awarded our coveted ‘Teacher of the Year’ award!

    Keep being the awesome teacher that you are Paul Horner! And most importantly, a Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!”

    What kind of school is this, anyway?????

    • Glenn 2 years ago

      A fucking Socialist, extremist left wing nut-job School in California and you wonder why the kids are so fucked up and so entitled, My God, they need help.

  70. DAVE 2 years ago

    Here is another case of an a## hole school system. How come an Atheist that don’t believe in something and make so much time a energy telling us not to believe GOD? Where the hell is the ACLU. to protect Samantha rights? They are always on the other side of the fence. MERRY, MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!!! I like to say that because it makes me smile.

  71. Dennis 2 years ago

    Where the hell does that prick get off violating her rights under 1st amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of belief! Sue his ugly atheist ass into oblivion. A million dollars a day for violation of her rights! ASSHOLE!

  72. Amelda 2 years ago

    That is so rediculous. Young kids don’t know about all this political crap and should not be punished for it. They only know tradition and what’s taught to them. This is getting way out of hand. I will still say Merry Christmas to everyone I see. People shouldn’t make kids feel like they have said something wrong, it confuses them. They offend me by making a big deal out of it. The teacher needs to be fired for imposing his religious views on the children. The parents need to sue the teacher for traumatizing the student and the school as well for siding with the teacher. Now that child is afraid to say Merry Christmas to anyone for fear of saying something wrong. Adults need to leave children out of this political correctness crap, she has the right to say what she wants, called freedom of speech. Wow… people need to get a life and by the way Merry Christmas.

  73. ALBY 2 years ago

    This teacher ( I can think of better words but I’d be expelled for a week) he should not be teaching in a Christian school, and he should not be forcing his views on the children he is teaching, he is the one who shoal be expelled ( permanently ) he’s probably scared this child for life, he should not be forcing his beliefs on these children

  74. Christmas Season 2 years ago

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, and my God Bless you all.

    Shame on those taking out their own beliefs, Religion on ANYONE! Paul Horner, SHAME ON YOU, you should not be around any child. May you find Peace sometime in your lifetime, but do NOT take things out on a child. There is an old saying “If you do not like what you read or hear, learn to ignore it but do NOT act upon it or bring pain to others!”

  75. Christine Randon 2 years ago

    If this so called teacher has no spirit, in him, he should not be working with children. Children need love, understanding, encouragement, and anything, that makes them feel secure, outgoing, not mesmerized by silly statements by adults, who, if their beliefs are that they are athaests , that is people, with a belief, that they exist by coincidence, that all around them, is fictitious. Parents, should oppose to this and suspend this so called sick person, who cannot take, a greeting from a child, whatever the greeting might be, for all we know, he might have got offended if some one said happy birthday, for he might think that he wasn’t born, the normal way, but existed, through thick and thin, and is a gift to the world, for his being, Daft person and all those who encourage such behaviour.

  76. David Pawson 2 years ago

    Paul Horner needs to be fired. He needs to learn not to be a bully. He needs to learn not to try to force his religious views on his students. And he needs to receive several hundred thousand Christmas cards, sent to him care of the school.

    Mr. Paul Horner
    c/o Westview Elementary School
    1855 Haight St
    San Francisco, CA 94117

  77. David Pawson 2 years ago

    Westview Doubles Down on Intolerant Stance: Selects Christophobic Horner as “Teacher of the Year” and calls those who object to Samantha’s treatment as “closed minded Jesus freaks.”
    This place needs to be closed down.

  78. Aunt Jane 2 years ago

    the parents need to know another word….Lawyer! And let this jerk pay for this child a private school. This is an out and out violation of the child’s civil rights!

  79. Bob Franklin 2 years ago

    People, people, people! Don’t you know a gag news article when you read one??? You know, like “The Onion” puts out? Horner is the guy inside the “Fappy the Anti-Masturbation Dolphin” costume! Google it! &lighten up a little, maybe even laugh some!

  80. Nicole 2 years ago


    Everyone, please take a look at this link here. I, too, believed this story until I researched a bit more. This man brings up some very valid points. Just keep this in mind next time we all read an outrageous story on the internet.

    Happy Holidays, All.

  81. chad 2 years ago

    You had to research? It’s obvious from the title that it’s Onion-esque. You know why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAR ON FREAKING CHRISTMAS YOU PARANOID LOONEYS!!! In your “research” did you notice that this same site has an article where a teacher by the same name was fired. Interesting truth though, in the school district my wife teaches in they’re not allowed to celebrate Halloween with the kids. I’ll let you guess why, but here’s a hint – it’s not because the atheists threw a fit.

    Oh well, rant over, Merry Christmas you silly kids, you can go back to believing FOX News now.

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