6 Signs That She Is Into You

How to tell if she is interested in you

You are on a date and want to know whether there is a point to go on flirting, whether you have a slightest chance to melt the ice of the unfamiliar woman. However, she is reserved and does not show her true intentions. How to understand if a girl is attracted to you or dreams about the second you leave?
Women cannot hide the signals their body sends even if they try really hard.

Guys behind primedating.com prepared the list of the most common patterns of your date’s behavior that will help you crack her. Body speaks for itself as it is usually said. Examine them and find out whether you have a chance to have a dessert with her in bed.

  1. Her attention is constantly concentrated on you

She turned her back to the rest of the crowd in the café and looks straight into your eyes when you talk. These are the good signs. However, it only demonstrates that she is ready to listen and estimate you. It means a new challenge for you. You must prolong her concentration for as long as possible. Show your confidence and masculinity with open palms of hands and a smile. If you noticed a person who distracts her, try to make a joke or change the place where you sit for her to lose the sight of an unnecessary object.

  1. She wipes you

Spilt some wine on a sleeve, dropped a fork, tried to reach the salt…Look at her reaction. If she turns away, makes a face full of shame or does nothing, know that your date keeps her maternal instinct down, because she does not like you. If it is vice versa, jump for joy, as the connection between the two of you is established. Let her look after you for a bit. However, be attentive as a desire to help and be polite can be just a specific trait of hers.

  1. She ate a half of your meal

Suggest her to try your meal. Drag slowly a fork with the food to her mouth. If she is not ready to be fed by you, your date will take a fork in her hand and put the meal on her plate. In this case, back off and change the tactics. At least you can hope that she will offer something from her plate. Never get offended when she eats your food. It is a sign of trust and familiarity. A perfect sign on a first date with Russian woman. If the situation gets critical, you can always order another portion.

  1. She praises you

Women are eager to hear the compliments constantly, but on the first date, they are pretty suspicious and attentive to everything you say. Apply only the ones about the clothes or accessories. She must have spent hours picking the right look. Pay attention to small details to impress her the most. For instance, the overall style, a trim that fits a V-neck and so on. If she starts to comment on the reason why she dressed like this or, better, gives you a compliment back, good for you, your opinion matters for her.

  1. She asks the most complicated questions

Start a new topic then. It can be a global warming, new president of the USA or a baboon. After all, watch how the topic will be developed. If she sticks to it and forgets about stupid questions, she is interested in you. Women go on a date with a guy like on an intelligence operation having prepared 100points quiz. These are supposed to test whether you are a perfect match. Your main task is to make her forget about this nonsense.

  1. She admires a dessert

Look at the way your date eats a last meal. Is she quiet or talkative? Does she close her eyes and moan with an evident satisfaction or try to hide that she is a sweet tooth? Does she bite an ice cream or sips when it is already melted? The answers will help reveal her personality. Better, do not stop seducing the one who moans. She is definitely a sensitive woman who enjoys the hedonic part of her life. Such women tend to be ready to continue every supper with the dessert in your apartment.

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