5 personalities that achieved success in spite of disabilities

Celebrities with disabilites like Rj Mitte Breaking Bad

We treat famous and successful people like those who have a perfect life. However, it is a great mistake because to reach any success it is important to put tremendous efforts. And some people had not only work hard but also overcome physical disabilities.

It is a controversial question are famous disabled people with limited opportunities or unlimited. Because their defect forces them to reach more that environment expects.

There are many famous people with disabilities in the world. To them refer actors, politicians, writers and even scientists. Their activity proved that physical disability is not an obstacle to reach goals and get universal fame.-

It is useful to compare difficulties that these people faced with your troubles when to google “write my paper” to survive from studying disaster.

  1. Frida Kahlo

She is the first Mexican artist to have her work purchased by a major international museum. Frida has an exotic appearance and outstanding talent. Because of the prevailing number of self-portraits she has a title of “beginner of selfie era”. But rare people know what physical challenges she had to undergo.

When Frida was six years old polio attacked her. The disease injured her right leg, so during her whole life Frida crippled and hid her leg under long skirts and dresses. In childhood people of the same age mocked her “Frida Woodleg”. Moreover, 12 years later she got in a terrible car accident. A tram collided in bus where she was. An iron gad pierced her stomach and hip. After this accident she became infertile. But still she continued creating fascinating paintings and impressed the whole world with her talent till her death.

  1. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physician whose ideas changed the world. He is a vivid example of a person to whom doctors predicted approaching death, but he did not give up and continued living. As a result, he overcame his diagnosis and exceeded doctor’s predictions for 50 years!

This physic-theoretic devoted his ideas to black holes and quantal gravitation and spread them to the masses. All the time he is enchained to his wheelchair because of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) that was diagnosed in the final year of studying in Oxford.  Since 1985 he communicates with people through the computer system that he controls with his chin. He needs a permanent care and gets its from people close to him. To become a scientist with his diagnosis is the same act of bravery as to become a writer with a dyslexia.

There are two wonderful movies about his life (“The theory of everything” and “Hawking”) that reflect all dramas of his life. Stephen starred in “Big Bang Theory”, acting himself.

Despite the disease enchained him to the wheelchair, it had not broken the scientist. He was a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University for 30 years. Currently, he is a principle in Center of theoretic cosmology.

  1. RJ Mitty

This person is familiar to people who watched “Breaking Bad”. He played there Walter White`s son who was invalid. His character suffered from cerebral paralysis. In fact, the actor had the same disease too.

In real life, he trained himself to walk without crutches or help of other people. His independence even caused doubts in Vince Gilligan during the moment he had to confirm that he offers RJ to star at Breaking Bad. But there was no candidate equal to RJ. His thick speaking and clumsy movements were perfect the role he tended to get.

After he acted in “Breaking Bad”, RJ started to get numerous offers to take part in different projects. Despite problems with the locomotor system and twitching hand, he is an actor with high potential.  That is the example of a person that turned physical disadvantage to advantage.

  1. Peter Hayden Dinklage

This personality is also very familiar to the masses. Peter is an actor who played Tyrion Lannister In Game of Thrones and Bolivar Trask at “X-men. Days of the future Past”. Peter’s short height may have forced him to play comic roles, but due to his great feeling of dignity, he did not allow himself to play roles that could humiliate him.

Peter Dinklage is a small person with gigantic talent. Unfortunately, doctors diagnosed rare mutation of genes, achondroplasia when Peter was a kid. Such mutation results in retardation of growth of limbs whilst head and body develop according to the norm. Peter stopped to grow when his height was 135 cm.  But he did not stop to develop his skills to release his dreams. Now he not only has world recognition, fame, and “Emmy” award. He also is happy in marriage and has a little daughter.

  1. Halle Berry

This actress was the first afro-American who won the Oscar. She became the first afro-American model to present the USA at “Miss Universe” contest too. But her life was not flawless too. In 1989 doctors diagnosed saccharine diabetes, after which she suddenly slipped into coma.

After she had woken up from the coma she changed her lifestyle and started to keep a healthy diet. She also became an active member of anti-diabetes association. Now she is 50 years old and she looks amazing.




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