5 Members Of ISIS Arrested In Washington: Train Attack On The White House Foiled

ISIS terror plot to run train into Whitehouse

Washington, DC — Washington D.C. Police and Secret Service Agents arrested five members of ISIS today after thwarting a deadly train attack on the White House.

D.C. Police Chief Tom Downey spoke with reporters about the failed terror plot.

“We have arrested five members of an ISIS terror cell, who we believe were planning to run a convoy of passenger cars into the White House,” Downey said. “At this time we don’t know what type of explosives the terrorists were planning to put in the train, but we’re assuming it was an extremely large and deadly amount.”

At the apartment of the ISIS terror cell’s headquarters, police found detailed architectural drawings that showed plans for the construction of a train track which led from Lafayette Square directly to the front doors of the White House. A full ten car passenger train was also confiscated in the raid.

Paul Horner, a White House terror adviser, told CBS News about details of the train that was found in possession of the suspects.

“The train we seized weighed over 11,000 tons and had enough room to store a military’s base worth of ammunition, weapons, bombs and even weapons of mass destruction. We also found a helicopter landing pad on top of one of the cars which was capable of carrying up to 10 more members of ISIS.”

Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward, a group that gives out new socks to the homeless, witnessed the arrest of the five men.

“I don’t think these men had anything to do with anything,” Bradley said. “I heard the FBI questioning one of them about his Archer t-shirt because it had their ‘ISIS’ logo on it, pretty strange. I think I’ll continue not being afraid.”

News of the failed terrorist attack prompted Homeland Security to raise the Security Advisory System from ‘Elevated’ to ‘High’.

“A terrorist attack, like the one foiled today, could happen again at any time now,” Dennis Roberts, a spokesman for Homeland Security told Fox News. “In this day of age, it is imperative to fear for your life at all times. If you plan to stay alive, it is now more important than ever not to trust anyone and keep watching the news for the latest terror updates. We also advice everyone to keep your doors locked, stay indoors and to only leave your residence for church, work and to consume.”

The names of the suspects in today’s White House train terror plot have not yet been released.

An image of what a terror train attack on the White House would look like.

An image of what a terror train attack on the White House would look like.

  1. Bill Watterson 2 years ago

    These terrorists attacks are only possible because we got a Muslim in the White House who doesn’t give a goddamn!

    • Jim 2 years ago

      I agree with you 100% brother

    • SuperTech86 2 years ago

      So basically you don’t know a single thing about U.S/NATO geopolitics in the Middle East since the late 1940’s.

  2. Nancy Macy 2 years ago

    When does enough become enough and we just carpet bomb these sand niggers to death and then they get the 72 virgins they all want

  3. Dennis System 2 years ago

    People don’t realize how important Homeland Security is until they stop something like this. If ISIS had built those tracks to the White House who knows how many lives would have been lost?

  4. Marry Winters 2 years ago

    I’m surprised this attack didn’t happen, since Obummer is doing NOTHING to stop ISIS! Makes me sick!

  5. Ted Harris 2 years ago

    How were they able to acquire a train?!! And room for all those explosives!! This is exactly what happens when you elect a Muslim nigger to the White House!

    • fuqew 2 years ago

      racist assholes such as you, along with your desperate level of fear of the other, coupled with your abysmal ignorance, are what’s wrong with this country.

  6. Billy Mitchell 2 years ago

    This is exactly why we need to get all of these damn ragheads out of our country before they really blow up the White House and kill everyone. Donald Trump 2016!!!

  7. Jim Snyder 2 years ago

    Thank GOD there’s some people in this country that actually care about stopping these Muslims! Not talking about the current Muslim in office that’s for sure. We need carpet bomb those motherfuckers before they kill us!

  8. Chandler in Las Vegas 2 years ago

    Any reason why the picture is a picture of the Capitol being blown up in a special effects movie?

    • Beth Davis 2 years ago

      Uh yeah… it says it’s an image of what a terror train attack on the White House would look like.

  9. Nicole McCarthy 2 years ago

    I can’t wait until Donald Trump becomes President!! Lets get a real American in the white house. And get rid of that muslim nigerian!

  10. Larry Boone 2 years ago

    This attack was too close to happening, and too many don’t realize it. Mr. Trump is our last best hope to turn America around in the right direction, and return it to the once great nation it used to be; until Obummer made it an embarrassment in the world.

  11. s 2 years ago

    This is exactly why we need a real president in there like Donald Trump to stop all these rag heads!

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