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Fallout 4 Mini Game Lets You Play Oblivion on Your Pip-Boy

fallout cover boom

As the weeks go by, more and more hidden content is being discovered by Fallout 4 players, and what they just uncovered may leave the current gen gamers feeling a bit of nostalgia. Bethesda announced long ago that players would be able to find special items around the postapocalyptic...

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The Top 10 Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday

A 55″ flat screen TV from Walmart for only $98. A 17″ laptop from Best Buy for $149. An Xbox One from Target for the low price of $199. These are just a few of the top ten most compelling deals which have been announced for Black Friday, the...

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Inner City Youth Helps Bernie Sanders Find His Car After Losing it at a Strip Mall

Bernie Sanders with the young man who helped him find his lost car.

Los Angeles, CA – Bernie Sanders continues to cement himself as the Mr. Magoo of the 2016 Presidential Run. Earlier this week, while doing some pre-Black Friday Christmas shopping, Bernie Sanders forgot where he parked his car. The Presidential hopeful spent over an hour looking for his 2003 Pontiac...

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Scott Kelly Tweets Picture of UFO from International Space Station


Space, U.S.A.- Astronaut Scott Kelly stirred up conspiracy theorists and Facebook astronomers alike last week when he tweeted a picture from the International Space Station that shows what is apparently a UFO. The photo shows what resembles a pair of headlights in the upper right hand area.   According...

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Caitlyn Jenner Announces Professional Mixed Martial Arts Career, Names Ronda Rousey as Rival

Caitlyn Jenner Announces Professional Mixed Martial Arts Career, Names Ronda Rousey as Rival

LAS VEGAS, NV – Early Thursday morning at a UFC conference, Olympic gold medal winner Caitlyn Marie Jenner announced her acceptance into the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s roster for 2016. In her announcement, Caitlyn immediately challenged Ronda Rousey, a fellow Olympic gold medalist in Judo, and a fan favorite among MMA...

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Ben Carson Now Target of Cold Case Investigation After Claims of Violent Past

Ben Carson

Washington, D.C. – Presidential front runner Ben Carson has been criticized recently for various claims he has made ranging from the original uses of the Great Pyramids to his coulda-been-career at West Point. But his claims about his violent past and troubled youth may land him in serious legal...

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Quentin Tarantino Stirs the Racial Pot with New Casting Decision


Los Angeles, CA – Quentin Tarantino has come under fire recently for his casting choice in the upcoming biopic based on the critically acclaimed directors own life. It may seem unorthodox for a director to make a film about himself but it’s par for the course for a man...

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