$1.5 Billion Powerball Winner In California Comes Forward

California Powerball Winner
$1.5 billion winning ticket in Chino Hills California

Paul Horner holding up the winning ticket for gaming officials. Winning numbers in Wednesday’s drawing were: 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the Powerball was 10. (AP Photo/Dennis System, File) / AP

Chino Hills, CA — This morning lottery officials were pleased to announce that one of the three winners in last night’s world record setting, $1.5 billion Powerball drawing, has come forward. That lucky person is 37-year-old Paul Horner from Chino Hills, California. Horner won by matching all five white balls and the red Powerball.

The winning Powerball numbers in Wednesday’s drawing were 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the Powerball was 10.

Most people would be ecstatic about their new found riches, but not Horner. As it turns out Horner was already California’s third wealthiest resident. With this lottery win, Horner will now be a contender for richest person living in the state of California. Horner made most of his wealth on Wall Street. Last year’s tax return show him reporting a little over $800,000,000 and because of some questionable accounting he paid only 1% in taxes.

Local news station KTLA caught up with Horner as he was leaving the California Lottery Central Valley location this morning.

“This money will help me fix up my numerous estates and multiple golf courses in the Cayman Islands. I’m actually kind of bummed about winning because I know there is really no way around paying the full amount of taxes that I’ll owe on this. I guess for a moment or so I’ll have to join the ‘regulars’ and pay my fair share. Maybe when I’m done paying all those taxes I’ll go down to a local bar and have a domestic beer with the common folk there, just to get a quick taste of what that’s like,” Horner laughs. “To be honest, most of this money will probably end up going to campaign contributions for Donald Trump.”

When asked how he came up with the numbers he chose, Horner said, “When I played before I let the riffraff behind the counter pick the numbers for me, but this time I went with numbers that have special place close to my heart. I currently own four Bugatti’s. I have eight mansions. I own nineteen different multinational corporations. I spent twenty-seven million dollars on my last yacht and I own real estate in thirty-four different countries and I currently have ten girlfriends.”

On Wall Street Horner’s nickname is ‘The Gutter’.

“He basically buys up a company, fires everybody, puts them all out on the street, then when the stock price goes up he sells everything and just walks away. He’s such an a*shole. We all just love him here,” Tom Downey of Fidelity Mutual told CBS News.

Lottery officials are still not sure what to make of the winner who matched all six numbers correctly.

“He’s a bad person”, said lottery official Tim Parkos. “I’m kind of sad that this thing is finally over. That money was growing into something really amazing. With all of that money you could feed most of the world’s starving children, or provide clean drinking water in every third world country. I’m pretty sure there is no God when a guy like Paul Horner becomes the winner of something this special.”

Though not everyone feels that Horner is such a bad guy. Horner’s cousin, Alex Horner, told CBS News he only has praise and good things to say about his relative.

“Yeah Paul is a good guy, no matter what most people say. Even though we grew up a few states apart we always managed to get together and hang like bros. Like this one time I was training for my high school golf tournament and got to practice at his private golf course resort in the Cayman Islands. It’s like $600 a round for the public but he was nice enough to give me the family 10% discount since I played after 3PM. He’s always looking out for the fam like that. I think its super cool he’s donating to politics and stuff, pretty noble of him.”

Sarah Bradley, founder of Sock It Forward, a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate with brand new socks told CBS News that she does not agree with Horner winning the Powerball.

“That money could have gone to something great, and now it will be just wasted on some rich fat cat, the same people that are driving out the middle and lower class in this country. Maybe Horner will find it in his heart to do something that actually helps humanity. Like what we do, giving out new socks to the homeless. It doesn’t get any better or more rewarding than that.”

Even though Horner used numbers that says are “close to his heart”, people like Graham Ware of Scottsdale, Arizona say the winning numbers can be found be using mathematical algorithms. Ware has had over a decade of experience living in the digital marketing world, specifically related to what is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. That is the practice of using analytical data and countless strategic coding abilities to help get websites ranked in popular search engines. So how long did it take Ware to build this formula?

“Well for one, all of the historical data has been made public as far as numbers for every drawing. Utilizing repeatedly, reliability and reproducibility models which gathered every number drawn and the time and creating prediction algorithms similar to that of semantic search (what Google uses to predict what users are searching for or seeking). It also quantified the areas by geolocation in which winners were placed. Once the algorithm has churned out this data it’s simply a case of mining the proposed numbers for these exact same probabilities (in the equation) and working out whether they correspond to the trends of the time and geo. This gives you a prediction score. By using a variance of 22 and purchasing 22 tickets, it’s almost impossible not to win.” So has Ware found a way to break the lottery system altogether? “I guess we will see when I eventually decide to play,” Ware laughs. Internet speculation has been questioning for years whether or not Ware will finally reveal his exact algorithm on his site grahamwarescottsdale.com or not.

Horner’s winning ticket was purchased at the 7-Eleven at 4092 Chino Hills Parkway, according to Russ Lopez with the California Lottery, with officials saying the jackpot is closer to $1.6 billion than the $1.5 billion that it was believed to be.

Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot was the biggest lottery jackpot in U.S. history, beating the old record of $656 million set on March 20th, 2012. It climbed from an already-record breaking $900 million jackpot on Saturday. Winning jackpot tickets were sold in three states, California, Florida and Tennessee. The two winners from Florida and Tennessee have yet to come forward.

Powerball is played in California and 43 other states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Tickets cost $2 apiece, and drawing take place at 7:59 p.m. PT on Wednesday and Saturday.

  1. Sarah Larson 2 years ago

    Of course this douchbag gets all this money while us starving people suffer! So ridiculous! Thanks Obummer!

    • Gwen 2 years ago

      How is this obamas fault? Idiot.

      He didn’t invent powerball. You are fucking stupid.

    • Liam 2 years ago

      What does the lottery winnings have to do with the president. The money is accumulated by people buying lottery tickets. this guys a dick whole because he wants to be one

  2. George Roger 2 years ago

    I’m glad a man of integrity won. Donald Trump’s campaign needs financial boosting so he can restore us to greatness.

    • Llie 2 years ago

      Are you on some kind of drugs. Trump is just like Hitler.

  3. Roxann 2 years ago

    Are you seriously blaming Obama for this ass clown? Geez! Republican protection of the rich and tax breaks on the wealthy is why this ass clown can pay 1% on $800,000,000.00

    • Jeff 2 years ago

      He paid 8 million in taxes, how much did you pay Roxann?

  4. Michael Cubbage 2 years ago

    Paul Horner is Satan, and Satan doesn’t need money! Makes me so goddamn sick!

  5. Larry Boone 2 years ago

    The dude is happy being a fucking asshole, just let em’ be a fuckin’ asshole and don’t hate

  6. Greg Torres 2 years ago

    I demand justice!!!!!!

  7. Ron Mickerson 2 years ago

    This Powerball winner, Paul Horner, is a great man! Maybe it will be this Mr. Horner, with his campaign donations, that get Donald Trump ellected president.. and then we can finally get that Muslim nigger out of there and get this country great again!

  8. Melanni 2 years ago

    This is depressing.

  9. Beth Davis 2 years ago

    I don’t know why you guys are being so hard on him, it’s his damn money and he can do with it whatever he wants!

  10. Lori 2 years ago

    Paul needs to be kind and donate the monies to the homeless and less fortunate. It’s a great feeling to give, that’s what it’s all about. Hope he sees this message.

  11. Truth 2 years ago

    This is so not fair, that was my money!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dave 2 years ago

    The rich keep getting richer and the poor just keep getting poorer smh

  13. Lisa 2 years ago

    The lottery is the tax mans burden. For shame President Obama for keeping this going! For shame!

  14. The Only Smart One Here 2 years ago

    This guy will spend all his money in the first year on hookers and blow! Bet!

  15. Tarra 2 years ago

    Money is the Devil’s handwash!

  16. KS 2 years ago

    Ew. Gross. Now I know why I refuse to have a baby and/or work. It’s called self love and self respect. I’d rather spend my days inside my house spending little money than working for a greedy scumbag. Wonder what the rich are going to do when they don’t have a workforce to tap from because we women refuse to give birth to the next generation of slaves?

  17. Amanda 2 years ago

    Good for that man who bought the ticket! I don’t care what they say about him!

  18. Jim 2 years ago


  19. Bobbie 2 years ago

    My goodness, going to spend this money on his golf courses in the Cayman Islands and supporting Trump. Trump doesn’t need his money. He has plenty of his own. If, I had won just a small amount of this, I wanted to find a kidney donor for my sister that is on dialysis . The doctors tell her that she will die without a transplant in the next couple of years. Hope he enjoys his golf courses, since my lottery donation is supporting his Funtime in the Cayman Islands……

  20. Carolyn 2 years ago

    To whom much is given, much will be expected….keep the story going on this fellow…watch what happens. He will either turn into the most beneficent person toward those whose lot in lift is challenging beyond their means to attain. OR by hoarding his prize, he will draw to himself such a great Karmic debt that a hundred lifetimes will not be enough to balance his actions. The Prize came to him for a reason. If he cannot have the vision of why he was chosen to receive it, it will become his greatest curse instead of his greatest blessing! (And I’m not talking religion here, but humanity and humaneness…..)

  21. Llie 2 years ago

    Good for that heartless , worthless scum. For all that he does and everything that comes out of that hole he calls a 👄 it will come back on him so bad. I hope all ten of his little girlfriends use him to the fullest.

  22. Stacey Barbarito 2 years ago

    Can’t believe this. I would just like to get $100K I’m not asking for much. He isn’t thrilled then give it to people who need it. I’m out of work been looking since September. Moved to AZ from NJ because it was to expensive. I’m not asking for much my address is 10920 W Meade dr., sun city, Az 85351 if you would like to help someone. I have lupus and found out I have Essential Thrombythemia Myleoprolifartive neoplasia JAK 2 which is cancer of the platelets you want to help me I would welcome it. Thank you.

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